metalacker 2024 - Line Up - Abbie Falls

Abbie Falls

Emerging from the heart of Europe, Abbie Falls is a relentless powerhouse that smashes you in the face with destructive breakdowns and relentless riffs as well as pulling you in with lyrical themes about everyday struggle not only with the world around us, but in our own heads as well.

With their debut EP in 2021, Abbie falls have proven themselves to be a force to be reckoned with, crossing over 2 million streams in an unprecended fashion and recieving huge praise, both in their home country of Czech Republic and the rest of the world. The Prague-based band recently signed to an US based label Seek and Strike and released their newest single Parasite, exploring the despair of toxic relationships between people and the addiction people can develop to each other, while dwelling in negative enviroments.

Shortly after, the band followed up with Hell is Other People, focusing on existentialism described by Jean-Paul Sartre with his famous quote and philosophy about our own mind and the people around us. In November of 2022 the band dropped their second EP, along with a music video for the song Pitch Black.

The band has made their appearance on Knotfest Pulls of Maggots 2021 online festival, Brutal Assault, Fajtfest, Mighty Sounds. In May 2023 the band went on their first tour around Europe and UK with Distant, Extortionist and Dagger Threat. Currently looking forward to their biggest show yet - Summer Breeze 2023.